Paris vs Bristol

Bristol, [Britain's first Cycling City](http://www.bristol.gov.uk/cycling), aims to introduce a Paris Velib-style cycle hire scheme, operated by [Hourbike](https://www.hourbike.com/hourbike/). My fear is that, by having a system that is too small, the scheme will fail. Some quotes from the _Happy Birthday Velib_ video (linked below) bear this out:

bq. "you have to go big enough to where it's at least 1 bike per 200 residents. I think that's a bare minimum for the good function of the system"

bq. "cities who made too small an organisation, too small [a] network, don't have real success"

bq. "when you have not enough stations. not enough bicyles, the people don't choose it"

bq. "It's seamless, it's easy, it's fun. What's better than having a public bike be a part of your public transport system?"

-- [_Happy Birthday Velib_ on Youtube](http://www.youtube.com/watch)?v=xw_Hrx1DS3A

(Found via [Karl McCracken's blog](http://karlmccracken.sweat365.com/2009/02/05/challenge-for-your-non-biking-friends/))