It feels quite weird to be writing this, but I’m leaving IOP Publishing after nearly eight years: my longest-running job by a country mile. I’m going to Digerati Studio, a Web agency in Bath; no more train-induced commuter stress for me.

I’m leaving just as the first project I worked on at IOPP – the Magazines Online Subscriptions system – is being retired, which I feel is poetic: a complete project lifecycle.

I’ll be doing similar work to what I’m doing now, but for clients in other firms (rather than elsewhere in the same company) and using different server (PHP) and desktop (Mac) technology. I’ll also get to do some User Experience Architecture work, an area I’ve been wanting to get into for some time.

While this means I won’t be in Bristol anything like as much as before, I still hope to get along to SkillSwaps and other such events. I also plan to be at Horts to meet ex-colleagues after the IOPP Christmas Company Meeting and catch up on the gossip.

As Merlin Mann is fond of saying: “see you in cyberspace…”