Do motor industry executives dream of electric cars?

Apparently, “yes: they do”: the relentless obsession with Carbon emissions (while important) has led us into a blind alley of thinking that electric vehicles are somehow “green”. A clue: they’re not, unless the energy used to propel them comes from a renewable resource. Otherwise, all you’re doing is swapping local pollution and emissions for those far away; you know what they say about “out of sight…”.

Carbon emissions are only one of the car’s many downsides. An electric car:

* will still get stuck in traffic,
* will still be driven at reckless speeds, even by the “otherwise law-abiding”
* will still kill people in crashes
* will still insulate people from their surroundings, sucking the life out of communities
* will still prevent occupants from getting any exercise

We need more cycling, not hare-brained schemes like this. In fact, paying people to cycle is a positive step that would be a net benefit in reduced health costs and road maintenance costs.

2 thoughts on “Do motor industry executives dream of electric cars?”

  1. Quite true. I think though that a lot of businesses and politiciens are in a desperate game of convincing people that it is 'business as usual': you can be more green and keep spending and doing the same old thing.
    I suspect a lot of people know these things are at best unlikely, but they keep dangling the utopian future in the hope we keep falling for it.

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